Season 1, Episode 18

Randall Carlson New Science for 2020 (Latest, Newest)

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Randall Carlson discusses his latest scientific evidence which supports, if not proves, the Earth was struck by a series of comets just over 12,000 years ago. These impacts ended the last ice age suddenly and caused catastrophic flooding internationally (and especially in North America). His latest science, which actually starts to pinpoint the actual comet impact locations, shows how the flooding could have wiped out any previous civilization which existed here, and certainly wiped out half the megafauna of the globe almost instantaneously. During the interview, we discuss what it may someday mean for humanity to understand the truth of our actual origin story over that of myth and cultural storytelling, which may be taking us off the path of knowledge more about rather than leading us to it. This is a great episode for any Randall Carlson or Graham Hancock fan.

Hosts & Guests

Sean Webb

Ben Johnson

Doug Moulton

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